Mini-Dungeon Tome for 5th Edition or Pathfinder RPG

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Mini-Dungeon Tome for 5th Edition or Pathfinder RPG
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~ Larry Elmore, $125k, Final Map Upgrade, Milestone and Mystery Stretch Goals Unlocked AT THE SAME TIME! ~
9 months ago – Sat, Oct 14, 2017 at 11:43:59 PM


What a wild ride!

Tonight we did a countdown to add Larry Elmore's custom artwork to this tome which was planned at 2,314 backers. Each time we got a few more backers we would post the countdown in the comments. Finally we reached 2,313 backers... just one more to go... as the number ticked upward my jaw dropped, not only did we hit 2,314 backers to unlock Larry from the dungeon but we hit $125k and unlocked another freebie, a milestone goal, mystery goal, and the last map upgrade completing them all. I'm not sure who that backer was but I swear it must've been a dragon in human form. 

Larry Elmore

That's right, we've added Larry Elmore to this massive tome... wait a second... Larry Elmore? You've now pushed this book so far along you're making MY dreams come true, I've been a fan of Larry Elmore's work since I was a child. As a teen his artwork adorned my walls alongside some of the other greats, but Larry was always my favorite. Of course Dragonlance Chronicles became required reading and many times I would take breaks from reading those pages just to stare at the beautiful cover art Larry Elmore had crafted. 

Years later, I had the pleasure of meeting Larry Elmore at Gen Con in Indianapolis. He was down to earth, a real genuine quality human being without the ego that comes when so many achieve fame, I immediately took a liking to him. As we were talking he told me he no longer owns any of the Dragonlance Chronicles books with his art on the cover- they were redone with another artist in recent years. I made a mental note and upon returning from Gen Con I searched far and wide through various used bookstores until I tracked down and purchased all three books in the trilogy. The next year I returned to Gen Con and gave Larry the books, he was ecstatic! Since then I've gotten to know Larry a little better but I'm not sure if he even remembers me, I'm sure he meets fans everywhere he goes. Regardless, it made my day to make his. What an incredible artist and quality human being, I'm grateful to have not only met one of my heroes but through each of you made it possible for his artwork to go into the pages of our book. Tomorrow I pick up the phone and call Larry Elmore to "chat". *Mind blown*

Loot for Everyone!

You've unlocked a massive pile of loot here folks. Anyone can snag all of this just by pledging $1 to the campaign. You seriously cannot go wrong with that deal!



$125,486 with 2,325 Backers

The numbers speak for themselves, you quite obviously WANT THIS TOME! Well, you've actually pushed us beyond our original goals for this book forcing us to wrack our brains and come up with even loftier stretch goals, freebies, mystery goals, dragon eggs, and add-ons. This tome is going to be one hefty weapon capable of taking out players as a bludgeoning weapon and their PCs via the nasty critters and traps residing on the pages within, best warn them now!

Remember to spread the word!

By sharing this campaign you'll help unlock the rest of the stretch goals including Adventure Scents, Ultra-high level adventures, new artwork, and a super secret mystery milestone goal at $150k! Thank you for all the support and belief in AAW Games and the Mini-Dungeon Tome, we are incredibly GRATEFUL to each and every one of you! THANK YOU.

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Final Cover Art by Mates

The cover art is now complete! You helped make this possible by meeting the goal to unlock this reward and influencing/helping design this brand new cover by Mates Laurentiu. What do you think of the final design? Keep in mind some details will be hard to see but you can click it to enlarge. 



What's next? 

Here's the scoop on what's ahead, we're getting closer to the final hours of the campaign so if you're sitting on the fence between PDF or hardcover it's time to take the leap! Good luck everyone! 


~ $100k Threshold Broken! ~
9 months ago – Thu, Oct 12, 2017 at 01:42:08 AM


You've broken the $100k threshold and just like Marty McFly going 88 MPH, amazing things are about to happen!


Thank you to each and every one of you for making this book possible. You've pushed this Kickstarter along with such ferocity that we're now in uncharted territory for AAW Games. Very good things are ahead and we're giving you the chance to really make this book special, we'll tell you how in this video I just recorded on the fly (excuse any errors, I wanted to expedite this to you!)

Updated Cover Art

Here's the latest on the cover art by Mates Laurentiu, it should be fully completed in 1-2 days! WOW! This is looking very cool. What do you think!? 


You've done it! Breaking $100k is a BIG DEAL and we're going to reward everyone involved, there's so much already unlocked but more is forthcoming in this Kickstarter. Just take a look at everything you've unlocked and make sure you VOTE ON THE ENDPAPERS and be a part of crafting the book the way you want!

Thank you all!

-Jonathan G. Nelson
AAW Games

PS- Please remember to share this project on social media so your friends have the chance to hop on board. You're making magical things happen my friends. Gratitude. 

Video credits: 

"Lord of the Land" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

Cheaper S&H for Australia and New Zealand ~ Cover Update ~ Stretch Goal Update ~
9 months ago – Sun, Oct 08, 2017 at 11:41:02 PM

I hope you're having a lazy Sunday morning my friends. It's important to slow down every once in awhile and recharge before getting back to the regular grind of life! 

I have a few quick updates on the Mini-Dungeon Tome Kickstarter to share with you this morning.

Firstly, Mates Laurentiu emailed me his latest cover update to share with all of you. Please share your feedback in the comments section.

Mates Laurentiu's latest work on the cover, it's coming along nicely!
Mates Laurentiu's latest work on the cover, it's coming along nicely!



Our Aussie and Kiwi friends have been chomping at the bit to get the S&H costs down and although it's never going to be ideal, we've been able to knock $12 off the previous price! If you're interested in making the switch from PDF to beautiful hardcover book please visit the Kickstarter page, scroll down to the AU/NZ hardcover pledge level, and simply choose it. Don't worry if you want Pathfinder or 5th Edition, we'll cover that in BackerKit and you'll be able to select whichever book you want at that time. I hope this puts some smiles on your faces! 


You've really kept this project going and thus, we've crushed an insane amount of stretch goals- so many in fact that we're not only adding more goals, but special goals on top of the Dragon Egg milestone goals, that's right- there's even more to come. I can't tell you what's happening just yet, only that it's very special and something we've never done before in a Kickstarter. 

Keep your eyes open and your ears to the ground! We'll reveal more in the coming days- only 1 week left to make this tome the biggest and best it can be!


Thank you all for your continued support. I am filled with gratitude, happiness, and creativity. Have a wonderful Sunday. 

-Jonathan G. Nelson
AAW Games

Question for AU & NZ backers, Color Cover, JAM Cartography Update, Updated SGs... and Dragon Eggs hidden on the page!
10 months ago – Thu, Oct 05, 2017 at 12:11:34 AM

Greetings my friends!

Are you a (potential) backer in New Zealand or Australia? 

First off, as promised to my Aussie and Kiwi friends- I've been working on securing better rates for shipping and handling and might have an option but this also requires that I get enough print backers to make it feasible. If you are an Australian or New Zealand backer who would increase from $1 or PDF to print with a $48 S&H price please drop your feedback in the comments. If I get enough people interested I'll be able to move forward on using this distributor. I totally understand how frustrating it is having such a high price tag on S&H and wish there was a magical portal in your country through which I could push boxes of the Mini-Dungeon Tome- alas, this is the real world and such magick is unavailable to me. ;) I can't wait to hear your response so please pop over to the Kickstarter update and drop your feedback in the comments! 

Cover Art Update from Mates Laurentiu

Mates Laurentiu has been hard at work on the new cover for the book as unlocked by YOU! He's finished the sketch process and moved into line-art then base colors. Of course, it's still hard to tell what's what at this stage so keep in mind this is a work-in-progress with much more to come. If you have anything to share please post in the comments section of this update. Thank you so much for making this dungeon-crawl-inspired cover possible!


Cartography Update from Justin

Good evening everyone! 

Justin Andrew Mason here, and I’m chiming in with a cartography update for the Mini-Dungeon Tome. I’ve been relatively quiet as the campaign has progressed, but that’s not due to a lack of excitement. I’m absolutely thrilled and amazed by the awesome support you all have pledged for the project. 

Instead, my relative silence has been because I’ve been hard at work on all the great map goals and cartography-related stretch goals you all have unlocked. To help assure that there’s no delay with some of the massive cartography updates being made to this project, I’ve been creating and updating maps as quickly as they’ve been unlocked. 

There have been several questions in the comments section about the maps, specifically the VTT Map Pack which can be added as an add-on by increasing your pledge by $29. I’ve tried to answer all questions, and keep the Mini-Dungeon Tome FAQ updated. However, if you have a question that’s not answered there, please post it in the comments of this update so I can get an answer to you ASAP. 

Here’s some of the work already completed…

VTT Map Pack Add-on  

What are the differences between the GM, Player, and VTT maps? 

While I explain this in text via this FAQ response, I thought providing a graphical representation of each map type might help. Here’s one of the maps from the Mini-Dungeon Tome displayed as all three versions which can be found the map pack:


Map Goals: Updated Cartography 

Lastly, I thought I’d share some examples of the completed cartography updates that have been unlocked via the Map Goals.

Several of the earlier Mini-Dungeons utilized basic rudimentary maps with very little detail. I started creating more complex maps for the Mini-Dungeons series during the last quarter of 2016. Most of those maps will not need to be updated, but that still left us with upwards of 50-60 maps that needed to be completely redone as detailed cartography, and probably another dozen or so that could use some touching up to be on par with the high bar we've set with this tome.

At the rate the map goals are being unlocked, I believe we will manage to get all those that needed to be redone included, and very likely updates made to the others. 

Here’s a look at a few of the updated maps with the original maps in thumbnail format to show you what I’ve been busy with these past few weeks:

Before I head out and dive back into the cartography mad-dash, I just want to say thank you again. You all are amazing, and I’m beside myself with excitement about the level of support this project has received. Have a great week!  -- Justin Andrew Mason 

Where are we on Stretch Goals and what are Dragon Eggs? 

Stretch goals? Well there's something that's hard to describe since you are unlocking them so fast we can barely keep up! ;) To date you've unlocked 36 stretch goals and over 30 map upgrades, that's INSANE! To keep it up please share this campaign via social media, word of mouth, smoke signals- whatever you think can boost the signal. 

What are Dragon Eggs? Dragon Eggs are special Easter Eggs we hide on the main Kickstarter page which provide insight into upcoming Milestone Stretch Goals which have not yet hatched. What are Milestone Stretch Goals? At $50k, $75k, $100k we're hitting major milestones, our biggest Kickstarter to date was Underworld Races & Classes for 5E & PF which funded just over $50k. We wanted to reward you for passing major milestones and thus are handing our free adventures to everyone (even $1 backers!) when we pass each of these. We've just recently hidden a RED DRAGON EGG on the main Kickstarter page. Can you find it and click to see what might be hatching next? We're getting close to $75k... what kind of free adventures or otherwise are forthcoming? Only those who can truly hunt our Dragon Eggs will know prior to this happening! Good luck and happy hunting! 


Well that's it for tonight my friends, I want to once again take a huge bow to you all and graciously thank each and every one of you for believing in us and making this tome possible. I cannot convey the full appreciation of my team with words over the internet. Perhaps we need to set up a live video chat upon the conclusion of this Kickstarter to really share our appreciation to each and every one of you. Hey- a bunch of awesome authors, artists, and cartographers all on video chat? Sounds like a great party! What do you think? 

-Jonathan G. Nelson
AAW Games

~ Artistic Representations ~
10 months ago – Tue, Oct 03, 2017 at 01:05:17 AM

The final cover sketch is now complete! 

Mates Laurentiu will now begin refining this piece adding more detail and introducing some basic colors. What do you think? Our goal here was to feature the dungeon setting itself.

Mini-Dungeon Tome cover – Sketch by Mates Laurentiu
Mini-Dungeon Tome cover – Sketch by Mates Laurentiu