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Mini-Dungeon Tome for 5th Edition or Pathfinder RPG
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Final Stretch Goal Met via BackerKit!
11 months ago – Sun, Nov 05, 2017 at 12:41:22 AM

Wow! You've done it my friends! You met the final stretch goal in BackerKit and now we'll be adding Stephen Yeardley's high level adventures to the Mini-Dungeon Tome! I asked Stephen to send me his thoughts fromLondon which you'll be able to dig into below. 

With immense gratitude & appreciation,


Wow, what great news! To hear we've reached the target for the final stretch goal was fantastic. I'd been working on both high level adventures with everything crossed, and it's really satisfying to know they'll both be included. Everybody who contributed needs to get someone to give them a hearty pat on the back, as this is a tremendous achievement - if I was around, I'd be the man to do just that!

What are you getting in these adventures? Reaching 20th level is no mean achievement, and the players, with their PCs, should be congratulated. They are at the height of their powers, and able to face any challenge, so what can be offered up to test their powers? Thankfully there are plenty of ways to put such experts (players and PCs alike) through their paces. These two adventures find the PCs being called upon to support troops who are at a distinct disadvantage and then facing creatures that are as legendary - or indeed mythical - as they are.

First of all, we have "The Heartless Queen's Revenge". Earlier in the tome, the PCs may well have found themselves trapped in a sinister fey forest, only to encounter characters from "Alice in Wonderland" and help them with their problem - the Red Queen! This fire giantess has the realm under her control, and the PCs may well liberate the residents from her grip. But the queen is less forgiving, and so she returns to test the PCs once more. After ambushing them when they probably least expect it, she draws the party through to a mirror land, this time in the middle of a war between giants! But is it real, or is it a dream? After racing through the skies with a mysterious humanoid, the party finds itself engaged in the most traditional of fights. Now, however, it takes place high in the skies, with the clouds beneath their feet proving to be friend or foe depending on the moves they make. Eventually it seems confusion reigns rather than any of the kings and queens present, but all games must have an end, and it's up to the PCs to see a satisfactory conclusion is reached.

Then we have "The Ending of It All", the final adventure in the book. By now, the PCs may well be 21st level (if you're allowing this) and their reputation is unparalleled amongst their peers. But across the planes, beings as powerful as the PCs exist in many forms, and there are still foes that can overcome a whole army to be faced. So, when a gathering of experienced lawful followers asks the PCs to help, there is clearly an adventure-and-a-half afoot! Their tale tells of planar beings attempting to outwit each other for a artifact thought long lost, when in fact it has been masked from mortals for centuries. Protected by what initially appear to be ordinary creatures, the PCs soon find each one has exceptional powers, and is an exemplar of its kind. As the number of foes decreases, their abilities grow, until the party finally faces a Great Old One on a demi-plane of his own creating. The PCs are the outsiders now, and even the assistance of the greatest of dragons may not be enough. But a grateful goddess awaits them, hoping to recover her most prized treasure. Will the PCs win through this final trial?

I've had a blast writing these last two minis, and want to thank everyone who made suggestions for their themes and content, before supporting their development and finally inclusion. A number of backers have been directly involved in this process; some have even seen the adventures already in rough (very rough!) form, and I'd like to thank those people for their comments. Everyone who reads the messages will have seen the ongoing teasers and tasters I posted, and while they were "works in progress" they give a very good feel for how the final adventures worked out. Yes, the PCs will encounter the yellow-robed monk feeding his chickens! Enjoy, and thanks once again to everyone who helped create this tome.

Stephen Yeardley
AAW Games

Can't find your survey?
11 months ago – Fri, Nov 03, 2017 at 09:12:47 PM

If your Mini-Dungeon Tome Kickstarter survey has been lost in the sea of the interwebs fret not! You can recover your survey here:

Thank you,

-Jonathan G. Nelson
AAW Games

BackerKit Surveys have been sent!
11 months ago – Fri, Nov 03, 2017 at 12:45:19 AM

Hello my friends!

Check your email and you'll find a survey from BackerKit for the Mini-Dungeon Tome Kickstarter. Please click the link and make sure you've added on anything extra you want before completing the survey. Please note: You'll see your pledge level and what you get with that level in the top right hand side of the screen. You won't see the special freebies for all backers here because we're sending those via soon, take note that the special Holiday PDF freebies won't come to you just yet as we're still creating these.

We hope to have the PDF done within a month and the print will likely ship in February or March arriving to you by April 2018.

If you have any questions about BackerKit please contact their customer service and they'll be happy to assist you. If you have questions about the Kickstarter or anything else I may have forgotten feel free to post in the comments or private message us. 

Thank you again for making this book possible. We are SUPER excited to show you everything we've been working on behind the scenes. 

Have an amazing rest of your week my friends!

-Jonathan G. Nelson
AAW Games

Interior art by Mates Laurentiu
11 months ago – Thu, Nov 02, 2017 at 01:17:20 AM

Here's just a sampling of the interior artwork by Mates Laurentiu which you've unlocked via stretch goals in this Kickstarter. What do you think!? 

Leave your answer to this riddle in the comments! HEY! NO CHEATING VIA THE INTERNET!
Leave your answer to this riddle in the comments! HEY! NO CHEATING VIA THE INTERNET!


This doppelganger wants your life!
This doppelganger wants your life!


Tread lightly in my forest.... or else!
Tread lightly in my forest.... or else!

 We're deep into conversions, editing, and artwork for this book. More updates are forthcoming... we're just super busy making this book the best we can for you!



Our friends have a Kickstarter for adventure design!
11 months ago – Tue, Oct 31, 2017 at 09:23:46 PM

Our good friends Ben McFarland, Brian Suskind, and Jason Sonia have a Kickstarter running called DESIGN CAMP which will help you learn how to design adventures! Please check it out if you have the time, they are down to the final hours. 




RPG Design Camp presents the SILVER BOX, an amazing adventure that YOU will take part in converting, planning and designing. What do you get to do?

CHOOSE new paths for the adventure!
DESIGN new encounters, monsters, items and traps!
PITCH your concepts to the group who will vote on what gets included
WRITE up your successful pitches and have them be in the adventure
LEARN how to be a freelance RPG designer! 


 Design Camp is a collaborative experience where game designers and interested individuals share the process of RPG content creation. Our talented, and award-winning designers – Ben McFarland, Brian Suskind and Jaye Sonia – take you through the design process step by step. BUT BEST OF ALL! - You'll have a chance to pitch your own design elements during the process, and vote to see what gets into the adventure! 


This time we are taking an older adventure, the Silver Box, and letting you adapt, change and add to it to make it awesome! In the Silver Box a thrilling encounter with highwaymen uncovers a missing artifact that hurls the PCs into an amazing adventure and culminates in a dramatic shipboard battle in the city harbor. Or does it? Your decisions can and probably will alter the adventure toward new directions. · Perhaps the whole adventure will take place in the cave complex · Perhaps the city will turn out to be under siege by a vampire hoard · Perhaps the conclusion will be atop a floating tower rather than a ship? The options are limitless and the deciding factor is you! Don’t just run the adventure be part of the design process and choose the adventure! BY GUM! THAT'S AWESOME! Indeed it is! And, we’ve priced this Kickstarter pretty low to make this great opportunity available to as many people as we can. But there ARE ONLY HOURS LEFT to join RPG Design Camp.